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I have a Joomla site that uses the Twitter Bootstrap Hover Dropdown Plugin in its template.

I added some pages to this Joomla project with PHP and Javascript (JQuery). That pages are linked with an Iframe-Wrapper.

After opening a Joomla menu link that shows such an external page, the Bootstrap dropdown-menu looses its functionality.

Now I found out, that the disfunction of the Bootstrap Dropdown Menu is directly caused by the Iframe-Wrapper of Joomla whether I use JQuery or not inside the wrapper.

I loaded a simple page into the Iframe-Wrapper. This page does not load JQuery and does not use any JavaScript. The result is the same:

After loading the Iframe-Wrapper the Bootstrap Dropdown Menu stops to work.

After click on another menu item (that is not linked to an Iframe-Wrapper) the DropDown resumes working normal.



  1. Chosen as BEST ANSWER

    Problem solved.

    I added the following command to the index.php of my Joomla template.


    Now JQuery (needed by bootstrap) works in Joomla also after loading an iframe-wrapper page.

    I found the solution in this posting:

  2. Do not load the Jquery twice. Load it only once, that is either with Twitter Bootstrap Hover Dropdown or with Iframe-Wrapper

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