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I’m a web developer with over 20 years of experience. I’ve worked for other companies, for my own company, as a freelancer, tried it all. Decided to use this website to host my own blog on coding related articles as well as offer a place where I can answer programming questions as well as allow other users to help each other.

Coding is hard..

I’ve tried teaching many people over the last 2 decades. Everybody starts out very optimistic and full of energy but the truth nobody is gonna tell you is : you probably won’t make it. No matter how high your IQ or how much time you put in it, getting to a point where other people need and want your expertise is a long hard road. Just learning is not enough, you need to geek out over some visual effect nobody cares about or ever use, you need to keep up with trends and needs and most of all you need to be patient and understanding. Not everyone will appreciate your work and many will try and take advantage along the way.

..but if it's your passion it might just be worth it!

I offer my services as a freelancer on, i also own my own web development company, its website is

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