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Debian – AWS retrieve credentials GitLab CI/CD

I followed this video to get credentials from AWS via GitLab CI/CD. Video link: I created the same variables as seen in the video. The role has also been created in AWS. variables: AWS_REGION: "eu-west-2" aws_profile: "OIDC" IGNORE_TF_DEPRECATION_WARNING: "true"…


Ubuntu – The Yaml is not validating If condition: /azure-pipelines.yml (Line: 64, Col: 13): Expected at least one key-value pair in the mappin

name: $(Version.Major).$(Version.Minor).$(Version.Semantic) trigger: branches: include: - master - feature/* - bug/* parameters: - name: host type: string default: IPC_T1_MSG values: - IPC_T1_MSG - IPC_A1_MSG - IPC_T4TC_MSG - name: checkserver displayName: To check the server if it Tomcat type: boolean variables:…

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