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error: failed to solve: failed commit on ref : unexpected status: 400 Bad Request – Amazon Web Sevices

I am trying to build projects using Circle CI aws-ecr-orb to push to a private repository in AWS. I get the error below: #16 exporting to image #16 sha256:7dd518c28ca8d9b4a669654c56822c182f0329e5b5897d4cc9241360bd781320 #16 pushing layers 3.4s done #16 pushing manifest for ************.dkr.ecr.********************:latest@sha256:73bcacc452698bb9bc03feb199ffde7d62016bfb46b783c436f9c8e5a8a69e32 #16…


Avoiding hardcode aws role on circleCi config.yml

I have below circleCi config.yml file where the value of role-arn is hardcode orbs: aws-cli: circleci/[email protected] jobs: aws-cli-example: docker: - image: cimg/python:3.11.0-node working_directory: ~/workspace environment: AWS_REGION: 'us-east-1' executor: aws-cli/default steps: - checkout - aws-cli/setup: role-arn: 'arn:aws:I am::<aws_account_id>:role/circleci_role' - run: name:…

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