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Escape sequences 33[01;36m] vs. 33[1;36m] in PS1 in .bashrc: why the zero? – Debian

I've just compared the $PS1 prompts in .bashrc on two of my Debian machines: PS1='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}[33[01;36m]u[33[0;90m]@[33[0;32m]h[33[0;90m]:[33[01;34m]w[33[0;90m]$[33[0m] ' PS1='${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}[33[1;36m]u[33[0;37m]@[33[0;32m]h[33[0;37m]:[33[01;34m]w[33[0;37m]$[33[0m] ' As you see, the first sequence says 33[01;, whereas the second has 33[1; on the same position. Do both mean the same…


Memcached – Memcache error on windows 10

I use xampp and windows 10 64bit and my php version is 7.1.4, I downloaded memcached-win64-1.4.4-14 and put it in C drive: C:memcached. When i run this command: c:memcachedmemcached.exe -d install I receive this error: failed to install service or…

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