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Azure – AZ AKS nodepool aks-custom headers WindowsContainerRuntime=containerd is throwing error

When I execute the following command for adding node pool in Azure CLI, getting the error "unrecognized arguments aks-custom-headers windowscontainerruntime=containerd" az aks nodepool add --resource-group resource-group-name --cluster-name [cluster] --os-type Windows --name nodepool --node-vm-size Standard_D4s_v3 --kubernetes-version 1.20.5 --aks-custom-headers WindowsContainerRuntime=containerd, --node-count 1


Image exists but i get an error Init:ErrImageNeverPull Container image is not present with pull policy of Never – Docker

I am deploying an app on k3s with containerd (not docker) am trying to deploy a local image the image exists but the given error said image doesn't v1.0.8 115053965e86b 19.7MB ** latest** ac83c8e9c86fd 378MB latest 6403f5d7120c6 24.2MB…

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