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What do these Xcode warnings mean?

I’m getting the following warnings in Xcode when building my app (app runs just fine however): Could not associate debug note to atom l_OBJC_LABEL_PROTOCOL_$_NSObject Could not associate debug note to atom l_OBJC_PROTOCOL_REFERENCE_$_CAAction Could not associate debug note to atom l_OBJC_LABEL_PROTOCOL_$_CAAnimationDelegate…


Why my replaced Core Data .sqlite file doesn't work until app is relaunched again? – Ios swift

Here is how I have defined my CoreDataManager class CoreDataManager { static var shared = CoreDataManager() private let container: NSPersistentContainer lazy var defaultContext : NSManagedObjectContext = { let context = NSManagedObjectContext(concurrencyType: .mainQueueConcurrencyType) context.parent = rootContext context.setupDefaultContext() context.obtainPermanentIdsBeforeSaving() return context }()…

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