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Mongodb – The signature '(inputId: number): ObjectId' of 'ObjectId' is deprecated, use static createFromTime() to set a numeric value for the new ObjectId

I am trying to fetch a single product using ObjectId, but wherenever I am writing the code: const { ObjectId } = require('mongodb'); static findById(product_id) { // console.log("Collected product id:",product_id); //db is the database return db.collection('Product_data').find({"_id":new ObjectId(product_id)}).next() .then(singleData=>{ return singleData;…


Javascript – Unable to run yarn clasp login

Unable to run yarn clasp login I am not good at English. Please understand. 8> yarn clasp login yarn run v1.22.22 $ C:UsersmynameDesktop個人開発プロジェクトclasp-240418node_modules.binclasp login Error retrieving access token: FetchError: request to failed, reason: unable to verify the first certificate…

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