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HTML not rendering in APEX

I am running apex 20.2. I am trying to add some html to the heading section in a column. The issue is it isnt working or not rendering when I refresh the page. Is there another way? Thanks


Javascript – How to get a column list of interactive Grid Oracle APEX

I want to hide/show columns in my interactive grid depending on condition. So far I wrote this: function Filter_columns(column_name) { var grid = apex.region("report-form").widget().interactiveGrid("getViews", "grid"); var col_total = grid.model.getRecordValue("t1000", column_name).replace(',', '.'); if (parseFloat(col_total)) grid.view$.grid("showColumn", column_name); else grid.view$.grid("hideColumn", column_name); } If…


oracle apex, adding image to email template html body

`<div class="row" style="display: flex;"> <div style="flex: 33.33%; padding: 5px;" class="column"> <img src="#APP_FILES#icons/hololo.png" alt="Snow" style="width:50%"> </div> <div style="flex: 33.33%; padding: 5px;" class="column"> <img src="" alt="Forest" style="width:50%"> </div> </div> this is my email template body, i want to add image from app…

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