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Can pip install PyQt5 on Alpine Docker?

Here is my Dockerfile: FROM python:3.11-alpine AS app RUN apk update && apk add make automake gcc g++ subversion python3-dev gfortran openblas-dev RUN pip install --upgrade pip WORKDIR /srv When I connect to my container and I launch: pip install…


How to change size of the pixmap image in PyQt4? – Photoshop

first_row = QtGui.QHBoxLayout() setings_search = QtGui.QVBoxLayout() search_label = QtGui.QLabel() search_pixmap = QtGui.QPixmap() search_pixmap.load('search.png') #search_pixmap.scaledToWidth(130) #search_pixmap.scaledToHeight(130) search_label.setPixmap(search_pixmap) setings_search.addWidget(search_label) first_row.addLayout(setings_search) The image doesn't resize when I use both scaled and scaledToWidth/Heigth methods. my window On the picture I've shown what I already…

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