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Postgresql – Duckdb sql and postgres results differ when using unnest

I have a table in postgres and basically i'm trying to duplicate rows based on the delimiter @ in the description column. Here is my table: txn_id description 3332654 [email protected]@0.9397@$10.64@[email protected]@23.8235@$6.30@KRW@36,[email protected]@$41.84@[email protected]@1.5711@$12.73@[email protected]@0.6013@$8.32@[email protected]@10.6013@$18.32 3332655 [email protected]@0.8197@$11.64@[email protected]@21.8135@$61.30@KRW@36,[email protected]@$411.84@[email protected]@11.5711@$11.73 Using the below postgresql code, the rows are…


Storing in PostgreSQL using Python Polars

I want to store a datframe from a parquet file into a PostgreSQL using Polars using this code: def store_in_postgresql(df): password = 'anon' username = 'postgres' database = 'nyc_taxis' uri = f'postgresql://{username}:{password}@localhost:5432/{database}' engine = create_engine(uri) common_sql_state = "SQLSTATE: 42P07" try:…


Mysql – How to Form a Polars DataFrame from SQL Alchemy Asynchronous Query Result?

The title says it all. Here is the code snippet. async with EngineContext(uri=URI) as engine: session = async_sessionmaker(bind=engine, expire_on_commit=True)() async with session.begin(): stmt: Select = select(User).order_by(_GenerativeSelect__first=User.login_date.desc()).limit(limit=10) result = await session.execute(statement=stmt) Equivalent to the very simple query, SELECT * FROM User…

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