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Docker volume: rename or copy operation

As per documentation Docker volumes are advertised this way: Volumes are the preferred mechanism for persisting data generated by and used by Docker containers. While bind mounts are dependent on the directory structure and OS of the host machine, volumes…


Update numbers in filenames – CentOS

I have a set of filenames which are ordered numerically like: 13B12363_1B1_0.png 13B12363_1B1_1.png 13B12363_1B1_2.png 13B12363_1B1_3.png 13B12363_1B1_4.png 13B12363_1B1_5.png 13B12363_1B1_6.png 13B12363_1B1_7.png 13B12363_1B1_8.png 13B12363_1B1_9.png 13B12363_1B1_10.png [...] 13B12363_1B1_495.png 13B12363_1B1_496.png 13B12363_1B1_497.png 13B12363_1B1_498.png 13B12363_1B1_499.png After some postprocessing, I removed some files and I would like to…

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