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I’m interested in this field,but I’m only familiar with PHP so far.

If not,can you recommend a tiny but not so bad project that’s easy enough to learn?



  1. PHP is mostly a web-based technology as far as I know.

    AI work is typically done in other languages (e.g., Lisp). But that doesn’t mean you can’t port the ideas to something else like PHP.

    But Google found this – first hit on “PHP artificial intelligence”.

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  2. There are two projects based on the ALICE project. They are Program E which isn’t really developed any longer, and Program O which is. You can find them both on SourceForge

    Update: Program O is now on GitHub and is still developed. Program E is still orphaned and still located at sourceforge.

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  3. There are some other samples like spam detection (bayesian networks) or OCR (using newral networks). And i’m sorry guys, php is used also in a server side scripting language and also can be converted into desktop GUI applications with PHP-GTK.

    Check this php samples:

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  4. I’m also searching in this topic, but I’m looking for some kind of simple implementation of rule=based programming in PHP and I just found this in Google.

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  5. Take a look at Program O:

    This is the description of the project:

    Program O is an AIML engine written in PHP with MySQL. Here you can
    find support, help, bot add-ons, a brilliant and friendly community, and of course the Program O download files.

    And this mini tutorial for creating Neural Networks in PHP:

    This site could be interesting for you as well:

    I notice many people dislike the idea of working with AI with PHP, but since most of the websites are in PHP, it will be a very interesting start to bring AI to them.

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  6. Php probably won’t be the best technology for AI but there’s a library for neural networks which I used to implement on a website. It’s quite simple but maybe it will help you.

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  7. PHP Artificial intelligence links.
    This is a github project and the project is beautifully active. download and use. But documentation is not complete


    PHP-ML – Machine Learning library for PHP

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