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I am recording mouse coordinates in a page, up until just before the user leaves the page. Using these mouse coordinates, I want to develop an algorithm that should predict whether the user is leaving the page or not. For this scenario, which machine algorithm would be helpful to achieve this?



  1. Seems like you are dealing with classic classification problem. There is a large variety of algorithms available, and new/improved ones emerge constantly.

    Some examples are SVM, Naive Bayes and Decision trees.

    In classic classification problem – you collect a set of samples and “answers” (left or did not leave the page), and use these samples (called the training set) to train your classifier, with the algorithm you chose.

    The real problem in the problem you mention is determining what are the features you are going to use.

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  2. Why not just apply the output that u needed when he clicks on the exit button or the ‘X’ on the top left?

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