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Hi i would like to create a custom policy tosign up/sign in Azure b2c with a validation profile, if user email does not exist in local Db it should fail, if user email exist in the local db but is the first time, it must register this user in Azure B2C with this idp and store this idp in local db and continue with the usr journey as authenticated user, if the user email and idp match the one store in the local db, it should conntinue with the signin user journey.

I created a signup/signin custom policy disabling the sign up, now I am creating a validation profile to check for the user in the local db that will check for the email and idp, but I am not sure if I cuould use this same user journey to sign up this user if its the first time signin in with Azure b2c and the email exist in the local db. Is this possible?



  1. yess,,you can achieve your scenario in Azure AD B2C by creating a custom validation technical profile to check user existence and first time sign in status against your local database, then integrating it into your user journey with conditional branching:: if the user doesn’t exist, return an errorm if they’re new, proceed with Azure AD B2C registration,, if they exist and match the idp, continue with sign-in. Test thoroughly to ensure it works as intended..

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  2. Yes, it’s possible.

    A typical signup/sign-in policy has different Technical Profiles for each, so it’s easy to split out the two different flows.

    They would both be in the same user journey.

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