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I tried generating and APK file for my android project. The build process went successfully but I can’t find where to locate the APK file. Here is the message I got after the APK file was generated:

Running Gradle task ‘assembleRelease’… 148.2s
√ Built buildappoutputsflutter-apkapp-release.apk (21.4MB)
Process finished with exit code 0



  1. The message mentions the path to the output APK.

    • First, go to the root directory of your project—the folder where your flutter project exists. You can open it from Android Studio by right-clicking on the app directory and then open in finder.
    • There should be a directory called build. If this doesn’t exist or it’s empty, you should regenerate the APK flutter build apk. This directory gets deleted when you run flutter clean.
    • Look for the appoutputsflutter-apk directory in the build folder.
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  2. First Think Which Apk file you Need like Debug or Release, Execute this Command with your terminal:

    For Debug Apk : flutter build apk –debug
    For Release APk : flutter build apk –release

    After that Right click with your root project name

    Open in —> Explorer —> your app build folder —> outputs —> flutter apk

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