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When working with Android (Kotlin) there are many strings that are used many times, I package them in a library (carefully translated into many different languages).

When I need to use it, just add that library and use is very easy.

With Flutter how can I do that?



  1. You can create a package for translations with flutter create -t package [package_name] and store translated strings there.

    The package can be imported via path or git repository, see the docs for details.

    Also here is a great piece on implementing l10n in Flutter in a robust way.

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  2. check easy_localization package, it allows you to declare your translations in json files matching the languages you want like en.json
    , it.json

    then it provides you with methods to show each string by its JSON key, like:

    final text = Text(("my_string_key".tr());

    Which will show the appropriate value on the language which the app is configured to.

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