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i am unable to connect my phone with Andriod studio wireless debugging?
what will the issue.??
I scanned QR code but stopped there. I am unable to connect wireless.
I am a new in flutter. through wire I am able to connect but I want to connect wireless.



  1. I’ve encountered a similar problem where connecting via QR Code or pairing code isn’t working anymore after a few weeks of smooth operation.

    However, I’ve found a workaround by connecting through the terminal using the command "adb connect [phone_ip]:[port]". You can find the necessary IP address and port details in your phone’s settings under Developer Options > Wireless debugging. Once enabled, you’ll see the "IP address & Port" listed there.

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  2. In terminal write= adb pair (That is example)
    And ping you pc ip in mobile
    then in terminal write= adb connect

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