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I have a Map component in my React project, which receives a prop of a current hotel and is supposed to retrieve and present the hotel’s location on a Google Map React Map.

This is the code of my MapView.jsx component so far-

import React, { useState, useEffect } from 'react';
import GoogleMapReact from 'google-map-react';
import MapMarker from "../../../public/svg/MapMarker.svg";

const AnyReactComponent = ({ text }) => (
    <div className='map-marker'>
        <div className='chat-box'>
            <div className="chat-arrow"></div>
        <img src={MapMarker} alt="Map Marker" />

export function MapView({ stay }) {
    const [defaultProps, setDefaultProps] = useState({
        center: { lat: 32.5, lng: 34.9 },
        zoom: 15

    const handleApiLoaded = (map, maps) => {
        // use map and maps objects

    useEffect(() => {
        if (stay && stay.loc && && stay.loc.lng) {
                center: { lat:, lng: stay.loc.lng },
                zoom: 15
    }, [stay]);

    return (
        <div className="map-container">
            <h2>Where you'll be</h2>
            <div style={{ height: '400px', width: '100%' }}>
                    bootstrapURLKeys={{ key: "AIzaSyDMl5nCzylGqvy3ogV2cL1CIxCl7X1b0vQ" }}
                    onGoogleApiLoaded={({ map, maps }) => handleApiLoaded(map, maps)}
                        text="Exact location provided after booking."

            <a href="#" className="show-more">Show more</a>

When stay loads I want the location to change to the hotel’s location, but the code results in the map not showing and this error occurs-
enter image description here

Why is this error showing? logging the stay loc before using setDefaultProps clearly shows that they are defined so I don’t get why there is an NaN.

Is there a changeCenter or updateCenter function that I’m missing?
I’ve been stuck on this for days and can’t find an answer in the documentation…

this is the stay prop data-
enter image description here

The typeOf and lng is number



  1. Chosen as BEST ANSWER

    Thanks to @Onur Doğan insight, I changed the values of the lat to be less than 90 or larger than -90 and it fixed the problem :)

  2. The issue is related to the lat value since it was out of the range. The lat value should be between [-90, 90] as seen in the Google Map Documentations. Therefore, when trying to set a value that isn’t between the range([-90,90]), it throws this error.

    To fix this issue, check whether the lat value is out of the range, and if it’s out of the range, then set it to the max(90) or min(-90) automatically as seen in the documentation

    Hope, it’s clear and helpful

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