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Using Laravel’s pagination. It is working but when it gets to the last page it shows both the previous and next button. Is there a way to hid the "next" button?

public function index() {
       $posts = Post::orderBy('created_at', 'desc')->paginate(10);
       return view('posts.index', compact('posts'));

 @foreach ($posts as $post) 
 {!! $posts->links() !!} 

{{ $posts->onEachSide(2)->links() }}



  1. Yes, you can hide the "next" button on the last page in Laravel pagination by customizing the pagination links. Laravel’s default pagination views provide a way to conditionally display the next and previous buttons. You can create a custom pagination view and modify it to hide the "next" button on the last page.

    1. First, publish the pagination views to your resources/views/vendor directory.
    2. Modify the Pagination View
      Open the resources/views/vendor/pagination/default.blade.php file (or another view file if you’re using a different style).

    Locate the section that renders the "Next" button and add a condition to check if it’s the last page.
    3. Use the Custom Pagination View
    {!! $posts->links(‘vendor.pagination.default’) !!}

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  2. Just use CSS to hide it because on the first page and last page you can’t click on it.
    Based on Laravel template default Tailwind CSS framework. For example:

    nav[role='navigation'] > div > span.cursor-default{
       display: none;

    If you want to correct exactly the CSS selector, you should create a custom pagination view

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