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i cloned a repository from github , i performed the following steps
Clone the repository:

git clone

Navigate to the project directory:

cd mern-chat-app

Install dependencies for both server and client:

npm install
cd client
npm install

Create a .env file in the root directory and set environment variables (e.g., MongoDB connection string, JWT secret).

Start the server:

npm start

Start the client:

cd client
npm start

Visit http://localhost:3000 in your browser to use the application. i installed mongodb without compass but i am getting localhost 3000 refused to connect

i am stuck in this.
npm start in the root giving this

C:UsersaaravOneDriveDesktopmern chat appChitChat>npm start

> [email protected] start
> node backend/server.js

server now running on port 5000
(node:1532) [MONGODB DRIVER] Warning: useNewUrlParser is a deprecated option: useNewUrlParser has no effect since Node.js Driver version 4.0.0 and will be removed in the next major version
(Use `node --trace-warnings ...` to show where the warning was created)
(node:1532) [MONGODB DRIVER] Warning: useUnifiedTopology is a deprecated option: useUnifiedTopology has no effect since Node.js Driver version 4.0.0 and will be removed in the next major version
Error: connect ECONNREFUSED ::1:27017



  1. works totally fine, go to frontent and run npm start to start client on port 3000

    to start backend run npm start on root directory.

    advice – hide your mongodb url, should not upload it publically.

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  2. Looks like the application is not able to connect to mongodb.
    Make sure that the mongodb process is actually running.

    On linux you can check if mongodb is running with:

    systemctl status mongod

    If it’s not, start it with:

    sudo systemctl start mongod

    For windows ensure that you have the C:datadb folder setup.
    You can read more on the windows installation process here

    Then navigate to the C:Program FilesMongoDBServer3.2bin in cmd and run the command mongod to start the database

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