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I’m developing an online store using osCommerce (requirement) and need to integrate it with Twitter Bootstrap, specifically the bootstap.css/bootstap.responsive.css and the jQuery plugins.

I have already tried a bit, and everything just goes very wrong, styles all over the place, etc. osCommerce uses jQuery UI, so how could I possibly use Twitter bootstrap CSS + jQuery?

Or is there another way, so all the elements, buttons are themed like bootstrap?



  1. You can still use jQuery UI if you want or need.

    This is a full jQuery UI theme looking like Twitter Bootstrap by Addy Osmani


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  2. There is a current effort at the moment that provides a Bootstrap implementation here:

    A demo site is live at:

    The forum topic discussing the development here:

    There are plans to integrate this effort into the official release in the 2.3.3.x roadmap.

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