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I’m looking to evaluate a few opensource e-commerce solutions. Are there any good alternatives to OSCommerce out there ?

I’ve looked at Thelia and Magento so far, are there any others that are worth looking at ?

They should be :

  • Free as in freedom
  • Easy to maintain / extend
  • Coded in PHP or Python (ideally, but I’m open-minded)



  1. Chosen as BEST ANSWER

    For those who may be interested, I ended up discovering and selecting PrestaShop.

    It is coded in PHP/MySQL, highly configurable, very modular by design and the codebase is really clean and well-organized. A crapload of opensource and paying modules are available to extend the functionnality if needed.

  2. zen cart

    Very vague. Alternative in what way, in that they can also host products? Hav a CMS? Built in features? Configurable? Themable? What are you looking for?

    Isn’t this more of a google query?

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  3. There are forks of OSCommerce such as CRELoaded, although that doesn’t change much in terms of the basic calculus, it just may have some additional features that you care about.

    I had experience with CRELoaded/OSCommerce. I found the code base pretty bad, with UI and logic mixed in everywhere, with no good control over the architecture and what code goes where.

    You said free as in freedom, so I’m going to throw this out (although I think the technology is Java). Fry is not at all free as in beer (several hundred thousand short of free), but whatever they implement you get full source code (at least according to their sales pitch when I was looking at them). I suspected that this was because they used GPL stuff in their stack, but I don’t know.

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  4. Another good one is Magento, I have heard good things about both. I also in the past used ClickCart Pro and it was nice a couple of years ago.

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  5. How about using opencart ? It is released under GNU GPL

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