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A friend of mine asked for help with his osCommerce; his web hosting did recently upgrade to PHP 5.3, and as he’s running osCommerce 2.2 MS2 he got plenty of error messages.

He decided to hide these until he replaces the whole webshop in a near future, and everything works well in exception of one thing: he can’t do any changes in the payment modules. When he change a value it goes back to the previous one.

I’ve never worked with osCommerce before, so for this reason I hope someone here could get me on track.

Thank you in advance!



  1. OSCommerce at 2.2 os not compatible with PHP 5.3, largely with OSCommerce using the deprecated "ereg_replace" PHP function and the correct method would be to either roll back to a previous version of PHP until such a time as you can upgrade OSCommerce, or to upgrade OSCommerce now. here are a couple of links for “patch” solutions and for the correct upgrade path

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  2. if you are getting error and you just want get rid of the error mesg then use this


    but it is strongly recommended you update OSCommerce function that is deprecated that will be a good solution

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