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I am using CRE Loaded eCommerce where I have used Ultimate SEO url module for search engine friendly urls. But I marked 1 thing that when the SEO URL module is activated, the abandoned sales module goes broken.

Normally the admin menu displays like this..

enter image description here

Which works fine but when I am activating the SEO module, the url displays like this and clicking on that takes me to 404 page,

enter image description here

I have done some trial and error method and found the the seo.class.php file is doing something to create this error. Can anyone help me out to find this error.

I am using CRE Loaded 6.2
And Ultimate SEO URL Addon



  1. Please check your PHP error log on your server to see what is going wrong there.

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  2. CRE loaded has it’s own version of SEO Urls, have you tried that? (old legacy site)

    also – wow, 6.2 is old you should upgrade to 6.5 or Loaded 7 (new supported releases)

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