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I start up my business so not have documents for business so I create an account personal on PayPal.

So can using API or not for a private account can or not?

And I need to create something if client paid by PayPal credit card or PayPal account can’t make refund again without my permission.

Any suggestions?



  1. You should upgrade to a PayPal Business account.

    If you’re able to obtain the necessary API credentials via , you might be able to receive API-based payments with the account as it currently.

    Exact specifics and potential issues can depend on your location and integration method, however–so again, you should upgrade to a PayPal Business account.

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  2. You can obtain API credentials after logging in and then directly opening the website

    This is useful if you’re using a third-party app for managing your finance which needs to access paypal to fetch transaction data via the legacy NVP and SOAP interfaces.

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