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I just want to ask a question. I have been playing around with WebView’s lately and have issues in integrating the WebView in my React Native App, I have even tried many library’s such as:


My WebView’s sits inside a Flat List so I have many WebView’s that are rendered inside this list, I was using Scroll View and rendered the WebView’s in a Scroll View but had issues when using WebView’s this way and using the libraries I have mentioned. When I take out the WebView’s and use a Text component, everything works fine but I need to use a WebView to render the html coming back from the server.

So my question is that should I create a Custom WebView natively, using Java as the native language as my React Native app is for Android and using this Custom WebView as a library inside React Native?

I found this link:

But the tutorial is for IOS, so I’m trying to find an Android Alternative. If someone could point me to the right direction that would be appreciated.



  1. Have you tried this react-native-webview library in react native?

    I can dynamically change many HTML pages and use them with this library. I did not encounter any problems.

    Getting Started

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  2. When dealing with multiple WebViews inside a FlatList, performance and compatibility issues can arise.

    You can directly use the third party libs:


    This is the best for handling dynamically content in html as well custom html.

    Still you like to go with custom webview ?

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