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I use Django 1.8 and Python 2.7. Recently I tried to use DjangoSEO package in my project. I accomplished everything according to this tutorial, but finally command python makemigrations doesn’t detect any changes and command python migrate doesn’t make any tables. In admin panel I can see my SEO models, but there are no tables made in my database. Also I figured out, that DjangoSEO is not compatible with Django 1.7. So my question is: can I use this package with Django 1.8? How to make it make migrations?
By the way, I store my in the project directory, not in the directory with any app.



  1. Chosen as BEST ANSWER

    I've solved this problem. Now it can work with Django 1.8.

    1) There is an update of DjangoSEO package here. I had to install this one.

    2) I had to create in the directory of any app, not in the directory of my project. So it is visible in admin panel and migrations are being made.

  2. try using following way :

    1- delete database

    2- delete *.pyc files in __pycache_ folder

    3- delete migration files in migrations folder

    4- python makemigrations

    5- python sqlmigrate 0001

    6- reset server

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