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I’m working on a Meteor app which uses ms-seo package. I was wondering if there is a way to make URLs more SEO friendly?

Router.route('/item/:_id', {
  name: 'item.detail',
  controller: 'ItemsController',
  action: 'detail',
  where: 'client',
  onAfterAction: function() {
    var data =;
    if (data) {
      title: data.title + ' - ' + + ' (' + + ')',
      meta: {
        'description': data.descriptionHTML

While this works perfect, the URL it produces is /item/5RTxofPPn3LwifP24, I would like to push data.title up in the url, so I can get /item/i-am-a-lower-case-dash-replaced-unique-title/

Are there packages for that?



  1. You need to create a slug. So your collection will have fields like:

    • _id
    • title
    • slug
    • content

    Then to make your slug you can use something like to convert your title into a slug. Basically what it does is convert a title called “Unique Shopping Cart Item” to “unique-shopping-cart-item.”

    Then in your router you pass the slug in as your parameter.

        waitOn: function() { return Meteor.subscribe('collection'); },
        data: function(){
            var slug = this.params.slug;
            return Collection.findOne({slug:slug});
            // this is saying search the collection's slug for the passed in parameter which we're also calling "slug"
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  2. You can try slugify to push the data.title as a pretty url.

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