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In my application, I used angular.js as a client side technology. Now, I want my site to be SEO friendly – I found the solution, but I am little bit confused about it. Is sitemap.xml required or not for angular SEO?



  1. Yes absolutely you do this in Angular JS.

    Within your website, use the hashbang or HTML5 URLS to point to the content–Google and Bing are smart enough to figure out that they’re AJAX-generated pages.

    Here is an example of a sitemap.xml entry for a AJAX webpage.

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  2. For making AJAX application crawlable you need to use prerender which will automatically create static HTML snapshots for Google bots (see this article:

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  3. Yes, sitemap.xml required for angular SEO.

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  4. Yes, You have to do this in Angular. and yes Sitemap.xml is also required for SEO.

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