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In one of my website under Dashboard-> All in one Seo -> General Settings-> Home page settings->Home description I had description up-to 167 characters.

But in live website, it doesn’t shows full description as you can see it using source code of my home page.

I had same description in Home page->edit->description area.

How to resolve this issue, any suggestions



  1. If you are a developer, you can increase the meta description character limit of this plugin. Consider this response from a forum:

    To increase the description characters, just open up aioseop.class.php and change line 8:

    var $maximum_description_length = 160;


    var $maximum_description_length = 300;

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  2. To avoid Meta description broken with the word counts in All in one SEO plugin follow the below steps,

    just open up folder all-in-one-seo-pack/aioseop.class.php

    find the home_description array


    'count' => true, to 'count' => false,

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