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I am trying to get my app id from Telegram API by using the method register.saveDeveloperInfo, but I cannot find the way to do it.

I’m using de MTProto Java library.

This is what I had done by now:

  1. I made my own register.saveDeveloperInfo implemmentation in Java.
  2. I call the method with the corrects params (
  3. The method returns a true boolean but I have not received the sms with my app_id.
  4. When I enter in my app section of the telegram web ( shows the “Your app is not ready yet” message.

Anyway, I’m trying to use the app_id from the source code of the official client but I can’t send or receive message.

Does anyone know how to do it or where can I find more information?



  1. You can get your app api_id and app api_hash from your Telegram app page. This is what you’ll be using as of this writing. If you are asked a password, provide the mobile phone number you’ll be using to develop and Telegram will send you the password.

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  2. If you are asked a password and Telegram didn’t send it to you, try to provide the mobile phone number without “+”.

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  3. Try disabling any anti-spam software or VPN. Disabling ABP for helped me

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