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Export problem of program Tlsharp!
I’m using Tlsharp source messaging app telegram via api’s not true.
It was the most perfect program if I am wrong I’m grateful that you introduced.
I did everything I could run this program and I’m grateful I was to say to me how to run it run exe output you got to practice his education and got replaced but could not get API_HASH API_ID and export-execute Knm.ltfa me thanks



  1. If you want to have api_id and api_hash

    you must sign in in Telegram Site in this address

    Type your phoneNumber and click Next

    you will receive Verification Code by SMS Or your Telegram app

    Type received verification code there and click sign in and follow the site

    After doing this, you have api_id and api_hash

    Good Luck !!!

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  2. See an explanation of he steps to follow here :

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