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I’m searching an example of Telegram API usage with Google Apps Script, or anyone/anything that can help me to learn how to use this API, for instance to send a message to a certain user



  1. I actively monitor Google Apps Script examples and I am not aware of samples integrating to the Telegram API. Given the level of security encryption required with the Telegram API I would suggest an integration with this service is unlikely due to Apps Script runtime limits.

    I haven’t found any examples to date of sending messages to a user but the Telegram service has posted large amounts of code, including their web client code, on Github and this would seem to be the best starting point for now.

    Update: Telegram have created a Bot API which allows third party scripts to run in Telegram. The advantage of the Bot API is you don’t need to do any message encryption. The PHP code sample could easily be ported to Apps Script.

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  2. I was searching for something similar, and couldn’t find any, so I have made my own, I will write it down here perhaps someone would make use of it.

    This is a simple proof of concept that works:

    function sendTelegramNotification(botSecret, chatId, body) {
    var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch("" + botSecret + "/sendMessage?text=" + encodeURIComponent(body) + "&chat_id=" + chatId + "&parse_mode=HTML");

    Other commands can be made same way.

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