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I’m trying to access tweets from the past year (dating as far back as possible). I’ve done a lot of research and what I have found is:

  1. Referencing here, The Twitter API will only return up to 3200 tweets. Streams are obviously not going to work, and GET requests have strict limits. I’ve been able to grab some data using Tweepy, but not nearly enough results that I am looking for.

  2. Also from the above page, Topsy was a service that might have been helpful. However, it has since shut down by Apple.

  3. There seem to be a couple of ‘big data’ sites, that might be able to help, but I was looking for a free method.

So, I’m not sure what to do now. Is there any way to get a large amount (+1GB) of tweets, dating as far back as possible?



  1. Not that I know of. The oldest you can get with the Search API is around 7 days.

    Look at the answers for this question. There seems to be a workaround.

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  2. You can use this library for accessing older tweets
    For example

    tweetCriteria = got.manager.TweetCriteria().setQuerySearch('europe refugees').setSince("2015-05-01").setUntil("2015-09-30").setMaxTweets(10)
    tweet = got.manager.TweetManager.getTweets(tweetCriteria)[0]
    print tweet.text

    Read the documentation in the page for more examples.

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