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Hi I have Ruby Rails set up on Mac OSX with Homebrew and Rbenv.

I now want to play around with Bootstrap incorporated into that setup but I’m not sure how to set Bootstrap up accordingly.

Has anyone got any advice / setup guides?



  1. The easiest thing is to use the twitter-bootstrap-rails gem

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  2. in your Gemfile:
    gem 'bootstrap-sass'
    and then bin/rake bundle install

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  3. Step-1:

    You need to include the Bootstrap gem in your Gemfile which you can do just by adding the following line of code:

    gem ‘bootstrap-sass’

    Visit the following link for more details on the bootstrap gem:


    Once you have added the gem to Gemfile, you just need to run the following command:

    bundle install


    Now, you are ready to import the bootstrap peoperties to your stylesheet. Just add the follwoing two @imports to your css/scss:

    @import “bootstrap-sprockets”;
    @import “bootstrap”;

    Hope it works for you!

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