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I have used Twitter Bootstrap to develop a website with the fixed container class, but now the client wants the website to be 980px width and not 1170px.



  1. You just need to change de size of class lg, put a limit to 980px; or restrict you principal container (or body) to md class

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  2. You need to use fluid-container but nested inside some div with maximum width of 980px. (in order to be responsive)
    Here is an example.

    <div style="max-width: 980px;">
        <div class="container-fluid">
            <!-- Here comes your HTML code -->
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  3. Quick solution will be

    .container { max-width: 980px; }

    But better one is to go and change @container-large-desktop variable and download customized bootstrap version.

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  4. Try this:

    <div style="max-width:980px"> 

    This will limit the size of the div to “980px” maximum.

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