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I have following HTML. I am using Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS.

<div class="item item-custom-first">
    <select class="form-control"style="display:inline; float:right" ng-model="requestdata.units.length"  ng-options=" as value.label group by for value in lengthUnits" ng-change="validateLength()">
        <option value="" selected hidden />
<div class="item item-input item-stacked-label item-custom-second">
    <span class="positive"  ng-bind-html="translatedData.lengthField"></span>
    <div class="number number" >
    <input  class="form-control" type="number" name="length" placeholder="Value"
           ng-required="true" ng-blur="validateLength()">

Since, that HTML is part of partial being used by lots of different pages, I cannot rearrange them.

I have following css.

.item-custom-first select{
    width: inherit !important;
.item-custom-second div{
    display: inline-flex !important;
   width: auto !important;

With this I am able to display those elements as enter image description here

However, I need input field to be aligned side by side with equal gap between input field and units drop-down as following.
enter image description here

Is there anyway, I can do that with CSS? I will be providing more info if needed. Thanks in advance.

I want that text input to fill in all empty space if possible.



  1. Add font-size: 0px; to the parent.

    #example {
      width: auto;
      background: red;
    #example:first-child {
      font-size: 0px; /* Add to 'connect' divs (as seen in the first example)! */
    #example div {
      display: inline-block;
      background: yellow;
      font-size: 14px;
    <div id="example">
      <div>Input div</div>
      <div>Drop down div</div>
    <div id="example">
      <div>Input div</div>
      <div>Drop down div</div>
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  2. You can add pull-right like this <div class="item item-input item-stacked-label item-custom-second pull-right"> then add a margin-right to separate them all equally.

    see fiddle:

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