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I have this ASP.NET MVC web application where I changed the standard Bootstrap.css (version 3.1.0) for the Bootswatch.css(flatly – version 3.2.0). I kept the original bootstrap.js file.

Well, when I run the app on my developing computer the styles (colors, sizes and so on) are accordingly with what I saw in the Bootswatch/flatly site, like the image bellow:

image app on developing computer

However, running the same app on the server the styles are more likely with the standard Bootstrap (colors, sizes and so on), like the following image:

image app on server

In Content folder there are the following files:

  • _bootstrap.css (original standard twitter-bootstrap.css file)
  • bootstrap.css (bootswatch/flatly file)
  • (from original twitter-bootstrap)
  • bootstrap.min.css (from original twitter-bootstrap)
  • bootstrap-theme.css (from original twitter-bootstrap)
  • (from original twitter-bootstrap)
  • bootstrap-theme.min.css (from original twitter-bootstrap)
  • bootswatch.min.css
  • … some other css files

So I ask how can I fix this. I’d like to have in server with the same look as in the developing computer.



  1. Chosen as BEST ANSWER

    Asking in other forums I got a solution.

    I took bootstrap.css file (actually bootswatch/flatly css file) from css bundle and referenced it in _Layout.cshtml.

  2. Could be an asset refresh/update problem

    If in the server there are asset check the one containing your (old) bootstrap and remone this asset dir

    Then at the new access you should see the new bootstrap flaty in action

    Or could be a server refreshing problem (for hosted) in this case some provider have configuration for development for make the change immediatly available and not cached.

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