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Im trying to combine several tutorials about Codeigniter and bootstrap and understand per codes so i can integrate it in my project. What i am trying to do right now is create a login form using the two framework.

And i setup my View according to the turotial included in Codeigniter ‘user_guide/tutorial/static_pages.html’ which my landing page is named as ‘home.php’ is inside the folder ‘pages’ and header.php, and footer.php is inside the ‘templates’ folder. I created also a controller: Page.php.

I also use .htaccess to hide ‘index.php’. Now i follow this tutorial how to create a login page:

-the only difference is this since i use htaccess:

<?php echo form_open(clogin/index); ?>

But when I try to submit the page i receive a: 404 page not found.
My navbar links are working fine. I understand that the codeigniter works like this:


so when i submit my form the url that show up is:


and gives me: 404 page not found.

What is wrong with it?
is there something wrong with the tutorial that i am using? i check other tutorials and the controller structure is just the same, like on this link:

do i need to include clogin.php in route.php?
or is it about the htaccess? my


is configured as


in config.php. i tried other options but still the same.



  1. Chosen as BEST ANSWER

    i already firgured it out.The mistake was in the route.php, since i tried to combine two examples.. i realized that the wildcard route that i included from the Codeigniter user guide will not work with the Clogin.php.

    Since it was set as


    So the url works as


    instead of


    I removed it and now it is working.

  2. Don’t need include to route.
    I recommented ready auth library.
    If you use DevTools in your browser maybe “Network” tab of devtools can help you to why you get 404 error.

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