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i am using twitter’s bootstrap and its glyphicon for the copyright mark on our page footer.
i would like to add the current year to it and i dont want to hardcode it.
i have tried to look around in the official documentation here , but could not really find anything.

what is the best way to achieve this using bootstrap? or is bootstrap not really meant to be used for this and its a complete javascript thing? (i am JS nube)



  1. Why do you need custom font icon for something available already in your standard character set? ©©©©

    © // ©

    Current year could be added with JS or server-side code. For example in JS use:

    new Date().getFullYear()
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  2. If this is a pure HTML site, then you can do something like the following:


    <footer id="pagefooter">
       <p id="copyright"></p>


    function copyrightYear() {
       var d = new Date();
       var y = d.getFullYear();
       document.getElementById("copyright").innerHTML = 'Copyright &copy; ' + y + ' Your Name Here';

    As was noted in the other answer, you really do not need Bootstrap’s icon in order to get the copyright symbol. It is built into HTML with the &copy; code and will use the same typeface as the element that contains it, in this case a paragraph tag.

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