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What can i do for normal arrows?

cutting bottom of arrows
cutting bottom of arrows

Flexslider from
Flexslider with normal arrows
Flexslider with normal arrows

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  1. Chosen as BEST ANSWER

    enter image description here

    I just change 'font-size' in flexslider.css from 40px to 36px

  2. Here is a quick fix CSS solution:

    .flex-direction-nav a {
        heigth: 45px;

    Here is a long-term solution:

            animation: "slide",
            start: function(slider){
            prevText: '<span class="flex-custom-nav-button--left"></i>',
            nextText: '<spam class="flex-custom-nav-button---right"></i>';

    And then you migh style the buttons as you wish, by using .flex-custom-nav-button--left and .flex-custom-nav-button---right.

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