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I’m trying to style a simple Ruby on rails form with the Twitter Bootstrap css but I’m struggling to workout which bits of rails code goes into which part of the Bootstrap css for a form.

For example where would the following line fit into the Bootstrap css for a form? :

<%= f.text_field :company %>



  1. Based on the examples in the Twitter Bootstrap documentation, I am assuming you are attempting to apply the form-control class to your input. If this is the case, you would do it like this.

    <%= f.text_field :company, :class => "form-control" %>

    See similar question: Using CSS to style Ruby objects in erb

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  2. <%= f.text_field :company %>

    Actually, this code means “Create a markup input of type text, with the good name (ex: user[company]) so Rails can handle the parameter easily”. No more no less.

    Example Output:

    <input type="text" name="user[company]">

    Bootstrap will envelope then this object with a style provided by CSS. So

    1- Ensure your css is loaded into your “application.css”

    Usually, you’ll need to add style for the form

      <%= form_for @resource, html: { class: "form form-inlined" }  do |f| %>

    And also around your input text field:

      <div class="form-group">
         <%= f.label :company %>
         <%= f.text_field  :company, class: "form-input" %>

    This is just an example, but you can see where to put the bootstrap class on each elements.

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