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I can’t for the life of me get rid of the horizontal white space between two divs. I am using twitter bootstrap and the white space issue can be seen at between the hero image and the footer.



  1. I assume that you are using some “col-lg/md/sm/xs” classes from bootstrap… these classes have a pre-defined margin / padding into their styles.

    Just override these properties to get rid of them, add these lines in your css file :

        margin:0; //or top/left/right/whatever
        padding:0; //whatever ;)

    You may sometimes have to add “!important” tag (end of css line) to be sure your edits are really taken into account.

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  2. I ran your page through a hex viewer. It is certainly a Byte Order Mark (BOM) before the footer which means your footer file has these chars in the beginning:


    enter image description here

    Here are many ways to remove it – not just AWK

    Using awk to remove the Byte-order mark

    PS: Why would I use a Unicode Signature Byte-Order-Mark (BOM)?

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  3. There is any trash before <footer>, probably BOM (if you include footer from the single file).

    Remove BOM, save the file again and it will be okay.

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