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i’m using Angularjs and I have a ng-view with some parts. The partial views have some scripts in the head.

<meta charset="utf-8">
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

	<div class="section">
      ... some content

If i load a view those scripts are loaded too.

<div style="" class="ng-scope" ng-view="">
  <meta class="ng-scope" charset="utf-8">
  <script class="ng-scope" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  <div class="section ng-scope">
    .. some view content.

I’m using an HTML Editor for Twitter Bootstrap to edit views quickly and this tool needs the html, head and body tags. And I don’t want to remove them from templates. Is it posible to ignore the head tag of partial view when it’s loaded?



  1. Chosen as BEST ANSWER

    I got it. I took a look into templateRequestProvider and httpProvider. And Here is my solution.

    app.config(function($routeProvider, $httpProvider) {
      function appendTransform(defaults, transform) {
        // We can't guarantee that the default transformation is an array
        defaults = angular.isArray(defaults) ? defaults : [defaults];
        // Append the new transformation to the defaults
        return defaults.concat(transform);
      * My HTML Template transformation
      function doTransform(value){
          return value.replace(/<head>(.|n)*</head>/mg,"");
        return value;
      $httpProvider.defaults.transformResponse = appendTransform($httpProvider.defaults.transformResponse,
        function(value) {
          return doTransform(value);

    It's not a best solution because it would filter each http request. Better to apply it only for ng-view. It should work with templateRequestProvider.httpOptions but only with angular 1.5+.

  2. Instead of using a ng-view, isn’t better to create a directive with your template in, and use the compile() or in the link() phase to remove the bad tags ?

    Afaik directives are the good way to alter the DOM.
    I’m not really familiar with the compile() but I let you read this post if you are interested in :

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