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I need to “invert” a checkbox, i.e. submit the value if the checkbox is unchecked, and leave it empty if the checkbox is checked.

I do not want to prevent form submission!

I can think of two approaches:

  1. change appearance of the checkbox so that it looks checked if it actually isn’t and vice versa
  2. change a hidden input via JavaScript when the checkbox is clicked

What’s the best way to approach this? I would prefer a “pure” general solution, but since I need it for a project with , and , I tagged the question accordingly and if there is an easy way using these frameworks, that’s great too.

This works as intended:

<form id="the_form" method="post" action="">
    <input type="checkbox" id="the_checkbox" name="the_checkbox" value="foo" />
    document.forms.the_form.observe('submit', function() {
        document.getElementById('the_checkbox').checked = ! document.getElementById('the_checkbox').checked;

But you will see the checkbox status changing before the next page has loaded.



  1. You can use onsubmit event this way:

    $(".form-class").submit(function (e) {
      if (!$("#checkbox").is("checked"))
        return false;
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  2. Ok so what i’ve understood is that you want to inverse the checkbox.

    If it’s checked dont send value with the form.

    If unchecked then send the value with the form.

    I only didn’t get if you want to submit the form on checkbox click.

    Make a hidden input with the same name that has the value.
    When the checkbox is checked then disable the hiddenbox.

    <input type='hidden' id='hiddenCheckboxValue' value='something' name='testbox'>
    <input type='checkbox' value='' name='testbox'>
            document.getElementById('hiddenCheckboxValue').disabled = true;
        } else {
           document.getElementById('hiddenCheckboxValue').disabled = false;
        //If you want to submit on checkbox click
        $( "#form" ).submit();

    //EDIT forgot that unchecked checkboxes dont get send. fixed i think

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  3. you can dynamically add/remove elements to the form:

    $('the_form').observe('submit', function(event){
      $$('#the_form input[type=checkbox]').each(function(input){
        if (! input.checked) $('the_form').insert({top: new Element('input', {
             type: 'hidden'
           , class: 'dynamicInsert'
           , name:
           , value: 'off'
      $$('#the_form input.dynamicInsert').each(function(input){
      event.stop(); // don't know if .submit() accepts an event object as parameter
      return false;
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