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I’m getting an error when I try to installing a package in Iron Scaffolding. The package I’m trying to install is the Twitter Bootstrap.

The error I'm getting when I try to install the package "twbs:bootstrap"



  1. You might not have handled the error event properly in the program.

    Use this in function

    function (e) {
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  2. Try using meteor without the scaffolding tool:

    meteor add twbs:bootstrap

    This shouldn’t impact your apps structure. Packages are handled more stealthily than they used to since 0.9.0

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  3. Iron-cli has had that breaking since Meteor 1.3

    You can try my workaround:

    Try one of these:
    For IronRouter, Meteor 1.2 style:

    $ npm install -g iron-maka

    For FlowRouter, Meteor 1.3 style:

    $ npm install -g maka-cli

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