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check our the url below, i’m using this in my codeigniter project.all files are implimented correctly.
but just when i click on my images its not open the lightbox.

This is the code for images li.

 <li class="span3">
        <a class="thumbnail" rel="lightbox[group]" href="/content/themes/sarova-hotels/assets/prettyphoto/img/pics/1.jpg">
        <img class="group1" src="/content/themes/sarova-hotels/assets/prettyphoto/img/pics/1.jpg" title="Image Title" />
    </li> <!--end thumb -->

i don’t know this is prettyphoto error or not, but i’m getting this error in console:

Uncaught TypeError: $(...).quicksand is not a function



  1. This is has nothing to do with prettyphoto.
    Apparently you are using QuickSand Jquery plugin to do something like that.

    So in your current page you try to initialize QuickSand without embedding it’s Javascript File .

    So to fix that you need to do one of the following :

    • Embed jquery.quicksand.js in your page.
    • Remove the line that initialize QuickSand $('#YourId').quicksand from this page
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  2. Try this:
    Some where else in your page $(...).quicksand() is referring. Delete this code and check.

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