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Hi I am working on a yii framework. I am using Twitter bootstrap and I have loaded my popups using customize ajax so that after closing they are removed from DOM.

I want to prevent popup from closing when user by mistake click on overlay when a file is uploading. Can anyone tell me how to do this?

I found an event ‘’ is triggered when closing of popup is triggered but i am failing to prevent popup from closing. Please help.

@thanks hamad.
I found this link Prevent Bootstrap Modal from disappearing when clicking outside or pressing escape?. Good but I need to close it only when user is uploading file. So i can’t set ‘backdrop’ to ‘static’ from the start.

I have someone made the popup backdrop:static dynamically. But i am unable to dynamically remove backdrop:static property. I tried
$(“#model-id”).data(‘modal’).options.backdrop = false;
But this do not work. My popup is still doesn’t close when I click out side.

Please help.



  1. Chosen as BEST ANSWER

    I found this solution earlier but writing here for other people who if stucked on this problem. This is what I did in Yii.

    You either add this in your code as @hamed proposed. This will prevent closing of popup if user click out side of the popup at the overlay or press 'Esc' key.

       backdrop: 'static',
       keyboard: false

    OR Add data-backdrop="static" data-keyboard="false" with your model container where you have defined class='model' on model popup. This will prevent closing of popup if user click out side of the popup at the overlay or press 'Esc' key.

    For dynamically controlling closing of the popup:

    In script file do the following, bind your functionality with '' event.

    //this event is triggered automatically when popup is about to close
    element.on('', function (e){
    if( your condition met ){
       e.preventDefault(); // to prevent popup from closing by default
      //do your stuff
    // let popup close

  2. The chosen answer is valid only if you use the plain bootstrap modals. In oppose to @hamed’s statement, In case that you actually invoke the modal as Yii extension, then you should specify the backdrop/keyboard options while constructing the extension like:

        'id' => 'staffWindow',
        'header' => 'Do something',
        'clientOptions' => [
            'backdrop' => 'static'
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