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I’m trying to hide a div on medium screen size (and below). I’ve read that you can use Bootstrap’s responsive utilities.hidden-md-down, but this class is not found in my CSS (that I downloaded from

I tried customizing my download to include only the Responsive utilities from the CSS section or to download all available options and none of the archives contains .css file with such class.

What am I doing wrong?



  1. I don’t know what .hidden-md-down is supposed to be, but the correct class is .hidden-md (as per the documentation). .hidden-md will hide the element on what Bootstrap defines as Medium Devices – devices between 992px and 1199px width. It will not, however, hide the element on Small or Extra Small devices.

    If you want to hide the element on Medium devices and below, you’d be better off using .visible-lg-{displayType}, where {displayType} is either block, inline or inline-block (e.g. .visible-lg-block).

    Table from Bootstrap's Documentation

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  2. You can use the classes .hidden-md, .hidden-sm and .hidden-xs together. I’ve not heard of the one you’re trying to use.

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  3. Update your bootstrap version to 4 : Bootstrap V4

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